3 Essentials for Eco-Friendly Living

3 Essentials for Eco-Friendly Living

You've seen the painstaking video of a polar bear's last moments on Earth. You've watched as biologists removed pieces of plastic from the airways of a sea turtle or the stomach of a seabird. You've felt the effects of climate change during this frigid winter. You're ready to do something... but where do you begin?

Making the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't have to be overwhelming because it doesn't have to happen in one day. All it takes are a few small adjustments to your daily habits and you'll immediately begin to make an impact on the environment. When I made the conscious decision to reduce my carbon footprint, I made a few essential purchases to help me accomplish this goal. Below is a list of items you'll need to kickstart an eco-friendly year. Start with one or jump in and try them all!

1.   Reusable Water Bottle


LOOK FOR:  BPA-free or stainless steel; easy-to-clean style

A quality reusable bottle will easily last for the entire year. If you drink an average 64 ounces of water every day in 2018, this one reusable bottle will replace a whopping 1,460 plastic water bottles.

Shop my reusable water bottle HERE.

2.   Large Reusable Tote


LOOK FOR:  vegetable fiber or canvas; flat bottom; sturdy handles

Weekly grocery trips can add up to hundreds of plastic or paper bags that overflow out of your designated bag drawer or get thrown away once you're home. Switching to a large, heavy-duty tote not only eliminates unnecessary bags, it also makes it easier to carry all of your groceries inside on one trip. I recommend owning at least two large sturdy totes.

Shop my large reusable tote HERE.

3.   Small Reusable Bag

LOOK FOR:  organic cotton, bamboo, or canvas; folds up small

This is the cure-all for my busy people. Life happens and you can't always anticipate every time you'll pass a half-off sale or a farmers market while you're out. Keep a small reusable bag folded up in your purse or briefcase! Most cotton bags are so collapsible, they'll even fit in a tiny clutch.

Shop my small reusable bag HERE. For more info on reducing plastic bag use, check out my article BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag.

These items will set you on the right track to reduce your plastic and overall trash production. And you will find that other eco-friendly lifestyle changes seem easier after making these small adjustments. As a nice added bonus, you may find yourself saving money and living healthier after making these changes, too.

Thanks for doing your part to make an impact on our planet!

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