3 Essentials for Eco-Friendly Living

You’ve seen the painstaking video of a polar bear’s last moments on Earth. You’ve watched as biologists removed pieces of plastic from the airways of a sea turtle or the stomach of a seabird. You’ve felt the effects of climate change during this frigid winter. You’re ready to do something… but where do you begin?

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Just Keep Spinning

The spinner dolphins that inhabit nearshore areas of the Hawaiian Islands are friendly and curious, and they put on a fun show- jumping, flipping, and spinning out of the water and through the air. But there’s a lot more to these adorable creatures than their acrobatics. Continue reading “Just Keep Spinning”

Coral Reef-Safe Products

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Paige: During my recent trip to Hawaii I was struck with surprise when I saw posters in many shops and airports urging the importance of using a coral-reef safe sunscreen. In my typical manner I was skeptical at first but once I saw the pictures of damaged coral and read Rachel’s Instagram post I decided to do some research to figure out exactly what is going on. As consumers, it’s important to know the full impact of our cosmetic products and sunscreen is a prime example of where attention needs to be given. For this post, I collaborated with Rachel from the Blonde Biologist, who is currently an environmental biologist living in Honolulu, HI, to understand the full impact that sunscreen is having on our world’s coral reefs.

Rachel: I’m excited to collab with Paige from Cosmetic Composition, who will break down the chemistry of sunscreen and show how we, as consumers, can protect our coral reefs! Corals are the backbone of marine reef ecosystems, which rival only tropical rainforests in their biodiversity. Coral reefs provide shelter and food for an enormous number of organisms, regulate carbon dioxide levels and pH of the oceans, protect the shorelines against erosion and flooding, and support million-dollar tourism industries and fisheries across the world. Unfortunately, certain sunscreen ingredients are greatly impacting the health of coral reefs through direct contact (i.e. surfing, snorkeling, swimming) and indirect contact (wastewater streams from showering).

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Shark Week Fin Facts

Discovery Channel is talking all about the ocean’s apex predator on Shark Week, but can you tell fact from fiction in this year’s shows and advertisements? Brush up on your ‘fin facts’ and you won’t be fooled by the serial killer, attacker, and monster claims! Continue reading “Shark Week Fin Facts”

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

We’ve all been there… shoving the newest pile of plastic grocery bags into our designated plastic bag drawer with all of our strength, wondering what to do with ALL THESE BAGS.  We have the best intentions of reusing them, but after a couple of uses, those bags meet their fate in the trash bin. I’m here to tell you that it is possible to live without those pesky plastic bags. And marine life, our environment, and future generations will thank you for it. Continue reading “BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag”

Into the Cage & Beyond the Comfort Zone

Pulling up to the harbor, I scanned the boat slips until I saw a cage attached to the back of a boat. My stomach filled with butterflies and I could feel my heart beating faster. Continue reading “Into the Cage & Beyond the Comfort Zone”